October 28th will be marked as the official start date of MontiConsul

Official press release on October 16th

After months of careful preparation, we are ready to welcome  MontiConsul Nederland B.V. as our new business channel. Melvin Montizaan (CEO of MontiConsul and director of the Monti Group Holding B.V.) reacts with “excitement and joy” after successfully implementing the final steps in setting up the new MontiConsul entity.

“We mark the start of something new. A new interdisciplinary platform in which governments and businesses can be trained, coached and consulted whilst they are experiencing complex situations. We have recognised that the current portfolio of consulting agencies cannot fulfil all of these disciplines together. At MontiConsul, our partners can get the resources necessary to boost their organisations’ output. Let’s start, we are open for business!”

Melvin Montizaan, CEO of MontiConsul Nederland B.V. and Chairman of the Monti Group Holding B.V.

Who we are

MontiConsul is a new consultancy firm working with the latest resources on the market to help businesses and governments to improve their output. Our consultants are real powerhouses. Our consultants excel in networking, have valuable knowledge to break through barriers and are top-notch negotiators who cannot settle without getting the most optimal results for all stakeholders. Our experienced consultants are chosen on their coaching capabilities and their experience within the public or private sector. We deliver results on creating working resources for your organisation, coaching organisations and inspiring our clients and partners.

MontiConsul understands that businesses and governments have to cope with rough seas, especially in co-creating processes and implementing them. MontiConsul uses cutting edge technology and trained, experienced process hackers who can get to the core of the problem. In collaboration with all stakeholders, we create processes that work for your organisation and that can help your organisation with maximising productivity output or finding a social optimum. 

MontiConsul is aware of the new developments in the business market and our experienced business consultants can coach your start-up to maximize output. Our consultants are experienced in networking training, LinkedIn Acquisition Training, 1-on-1 coaching, management affairs and expansion to other countries. Our network of experienced consultants and partners are there to create your start-up dream. 

We are proud to work for/to have worked for various organisations including the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports, Alphacomm Group B.V., Foundation Boulevard Rotterdam, the European Parliament office in Brussels, KPN and many more.

What are you waiting for? Get in contact with one of our experienced consultants and step on board. 

Contact us via info@monticonsul.nl or directly via +31 6 85 25 06 27.