Transition to MontiConsul Netherlands B.V.

What you need to know as customer or provider about the transition from Melvin Montizaan LLP. to MontiConsul Netherlands B.V.

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Dear customers,

As of September 1st 2019 MontiConsul Netherlands B.V. will launch under the Monti Group Holding B.V. This transition has been directed as of January 29th 2019 by a general stakeholders’ meeting of the current Team Melvin Montizaan LLP. which will be dissolved on September 30th 2019.

Various reasons have come to play to this transition. At first, we are concerned about position as European business when having seat in the United Kingdom. Our main operations are now in the Netherlands, which makes it legally more practical to settle our entity in the Netherlands. Secondly, the main goal of MontiConsul Netherlands is to provide tailored consultancy products to businesses and consumers which opposes to the main goal of the Team Melvin Montizaan LLP. which was to endorse a political candidate for office.

We understand these steps might be influential for current and prospective customers. Because of this, we have conducted a small list of FAQ’s. If you have any more questions, please contact us at info@monticonsul.nl and we are ready to help you.

What will be happening in the upcoming months to the initial transition date?
Every customer and supplier will receive an official letter about the transition to MontiConsul Netherlands B.V. in which the most important aspects of this transition are underlined. Contracts signed under MontiConsul, trademark of Team Melvin Montizaan LLP. will be transferred into the new MontiConsul Netherlands B.V.

What will MontiConsul Netherlands B.V. do extra after the transition period?
A lot! We are happy to announce that more services in consulting and coaching will be available! We will create a new coaching class/individual coaching on using LinkedIn for business communication. We have just received certification and we are partnering up with the HNK as our facilitator for group coaching. Apart from that, we can offer more tailored services for starting businesses and governments and we will try to find more experts to join MontiConsul to deliver what we have already done before, personal tailored consulting.

Will I need to anything before the transition?
Nope. Just wait for your e-mail to arrive to know more about our transition.

Will there be a change in contact information?
Because we are not changing trademark, only our legal position as entitiy, you can still contact us via the already existing lines. For general enquiries, we suggest you to send an e-mail to info@monticonsul.nl or give us a call at 00316-85250627 (just like before!)

For other questions, as again stated, please contact us via e-mail or phone. We are ready to help you and we are proud to have come this far as Team Melvin Montizaan LLP. We hope that our new tailored services are as what you are expecting normally, personal and effective.

With best regards,

The team of MontiConsul